About the Book

Dylan's Adventure Into The Unknown by Spela Perc, children's book



What happens when we stop caring for the world we live in?

Do you want to make the world a better place?

Wonder no more. Climb with Dylan on swan’s back, tuck yourself into its feathers and fly into the adventure to the unknown. Mother Nature and Father Universe, the creators of our planet Earth, are living there, eagerly waiting for you and a boy like Dylan, with a beautiful heart and pure wish to make our world a better place.

In a land far away, together with fairytale creatures, you will learn how to resolve and help people connect with their soul, heart and mighty nature.

Help Dylan find a way for people to reconnect, accept differences, and understand that every thought can influence many lives. It is a story that teaches us that we can achieve everything in life if our intentions are pure and loving to everyone and everything.

Small acts multiplied by millions can transform the world.

Prepare for a magical, mysterious adventure; you will be flying up north to the land of infinite snow and ice. Dress warmly!