About the Author


Spela Perc graduated from university in Ljubljana, majoring in Public Relations, and majored in Holistic Health Science from Quantum University for Integrative Medicine.

Spela is an advocate of healthy living on all levels of our existence. She strongly believes in the idea of the universal interconnectedness of every species and every life on our vibrant planet. Spela has dedicated her life to figure skating. She was a Yugoslavian national figure skating team member and successfully represented Yugoslavia in many international competitions, including European Championships and World Junior Championship in Colorado Springs in 1992.

Today she is based in Toronto. She is an athlete, a competitive figure skater, and her soul belongs on the ice. As majoring in holistic Health Science, integrative and positive health is her biggest passion that she is spreading among her clients and people who are ready to search for a deeper connection to themselves.

She is an author, founder, and mentor of spelaperc.com, a place where she provides calmness and freedom from within. Her goal is to create a conscious revolution, as she believes we essentially require more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds.

The role she is the proudest of and enjoys the most is being a wife and a mom to a beautiful boy.

When she became a mum, she realized it was the future generation that she needed to help. She became aware of the responsibility of guiding her son on his life journey. Opening herself up to the world was a no-brainer as she has always led a life with intention, love and care. It became her full responsibility to educate her son and emotionally, mentally, and spiritually guide him in the growth of his consciousness. Dylan’s Adventures is based on many conversations about the life she has had with her son. Her son Zoltan has been her biggest inspiration and strength for writing this book.

She believes that where there is a will; there is a way for a healthy and happy life!

Come find her on www.spelaperc.com